Low cost of investment. No long term contracts. No hidden fees.

With the exception of small activation fee, you only pay for the capabilities you need. Start with base and add modules later as needed

  • BASE
  • $499
  • / month (paid annually)
  •  5 User
    five user license
  •  Items & Inventory
    Manage Items and Sizes and track inventory by location,ready date, row or bed.
  •  Manage Customers
    Keep track of customers with multiple contacts, customer specific pricing
  •  Create & Manage Sales Orders
    Enter sales orders, add items, allocate inventory & print reports. Multiple discouting options - by whole order or specific items. Split orders into one or more orders
  •  Create & Manage Credit Memos
    Process credits and item returns
  •  Multiple Pricing Options
    setup mulitple pricing groups with quantity breaks and assign pricing group to a customer
  •  Inventory Transaction Log
    Keep track/audit all changes to inventory by user. History summary of crops produced.
  •  Inventory Projections
    create and book orders against inventory estimates or projections
  •  Multiple Ship to per customer
    Add as many ship to locations for a customer with their pricing groups
  •  Document Manager
    upload files and keep track of all customer related documents.
  •  Order Commissions
    Choose commissions by order or item(s), fixed amount or percent
  •  Advanced Order Allocation
    Allocate inventory to orders based on custom rules
  •  Master Orders
    Create Blanket orders or Advanced Orders or Pre-Book Orders, release to sales orders and ship at different times. Keep track all the released order in a single master order.
  •  Shipping & Order Fullfillment
    Consolidate orders on a load, pull using consolidated picking ticket, stage, load into trucks. Manage picking and loading from mobile app.
  •  Shipping Calendar
    Track progress all loads in a simple calendar view, drag and drops to move loads to different dates & quickly print reports
  •  Image Catalog
    upload images from a mobile device/camera and catalog with simple drag and drop interface. Use it for picture availability and view in product status
  •  Bulk Price Adjustments
    Quickly search items by mulitple parameters, set criteria by percent or fixed price or import from excel and mass adjust prices
  •  Standard & Picture Availabililty
    Customized standard availability to your needs
  •  Review Orders by Master Item
    Quickly see all orders (master orders/sales orders) for one or more master items, review to pro-rate or do substituions.
  •  Customized Formatted Reports
    Customized to your requirements - Staging Ticket, Picking Ticket,Acknowledgment,Confirmation,Bill of Lading, Invoice.
  • Can be added any time
  • / month (pro-rated and paid annually)
  •  5 User License Pack ($99)
    5 User licenses
  •  Role based User Security ($49)
    Create user roles and set access permissions
  •  Purchasing ($199)
    Comprehensive purchase management, master purchase orders, purchase orders, returns, vendor items, mobile receiving, average and landed cost tracking.
  •  Production Planning & Scheduling ($299)
    Create multi-level plant growing profiles, sales plan from historical data, apply growing profiles to create production schedule and task lists. Visually manage space, track labor productivity
  •  Commission Payments ($49)
    Track and manage commission payments to sales reps
  •  Real-Time Plant Costing ($99)
    setup costing plan and operating expenses and see what a plants costing you.Production Planning & Scheduling is required to use this
  •  Crop Level Cost Tracking ($49)
    Track costs at the at the crop - for each location/ready/bed
  •  Visual Dashboard Reporting ($199)
    Configure dashboards by adding widgets and visually monitor metrics
  •  Time & Attendance 25-User ($99)
    Track employee attendance,department,activities, vaction, sick and other PTO hours
  •  QuickBooks Desktop Integration ($99)
    Seemlessly transfer customers, invoices to QuickBooks and see payments and aging in eGrow Connect
  •  Label/Tag Printing ($99)
    With BarTender Integration, print any kind of tag directly from Items, orders, inventory, shipping & Production.
  •  Custom Group Items on Orders ($49)
    Create custom groups items on orders into sections
  •  Sales Quotes ($99)
    Create and manage sales quotes, convert to sales or master orders
  •  Advanced Inventory Control ($99)
    Includes Inventory Transfers and Bulk Inventory Adjustments
  •  Lot Tracking ($49)
    Allows custom lotid for inventory tracking and provides full tractability for the item from production, purchasing, inventory adjustments to sale.
  •  InstaCaliper/Tally Trak Integration ($29)
    Streamlined integration with 2nd Sight Bioscience caliper measurement tools.
  •  Customer Pre-Pricing ($49)
    Easily manage customer sku, upc, retail price, logo and validate and print custom tags from orders.
  •  Landscape Sales ($199)
    Manage customer projects, Quick add items, Advanced add items to order, Custom grouping
  •  Multi-Currency ($49)
    Manage sales and purchasing in different currencies
  •  B&B Management ($199)
    Streamline management of B&B orders with flagging and harvest operations, have information accessible on the field and keep sales staff apprised of changes.
  • One-time activation fee $299
  • One-time data migration/conversion – depending on data starts at $1499